We, the participants of the World Press Freedom Day 2021 Convention of Kenyan Community Radios held on May 3rd 2021, under the auspices of Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) and the GIZ/Civil Peace Service ‘UMOJA-Radio for Peace’ Project.

Recalling the global significance of the Windhoek Declaration in 1991 that set in motion the World Press Freedom Day

Appreciating that the 10th Anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration in 2001 was especially crucial by giving rise to the African Charter on Broadcasting that set out clearly community broadcasting as the third tier of broadcasting alongside commercial and public broadcasters

Welcoming the African Charter on Broadcasting for restating the principles and recognition of community broadcasting and its access to internet rights

Considering that the African Charter on Broadcasting misses out aspects related to community media sustainability and viability

Noting the advancement in the recognition of identity and operations of community broadcasting in various media legislation and the gains made in promoting press freedom in Kenya

Considering that the Windhoek + 30 Declaration is focused on Information as a public good and seeks improvements in various thematic areas of the declaration.

Thereby taking cognizance the advancements of the Windhoek Declaration, African Charter on Broadcasting and the legal frameworks for community broadcasting in Kenya

Call upon

  1. The Government of Kenya to promote the sustainability and viability of community media as alternative access to information as a public good in remote and marginalised communities
  2. The Government of Kenya to commit financial and material resources to the development of community media without compromising its identity, principles and ethics.
  3. The government of Kenya, media agencies and the International community to commit themselves to the highest standards of press freedom, free expression, protection of journalists and to support efforts to reinforce responsible journalism
  4. Community journalists and broadcasters to re – commit and re-dedicate our public engagement for highest professional journalistic standards, with the aim of promoting ethical, tolerant, inclusive and accountable journalism, good media governance and responsible communications to do no harm in the exercise of our profession.
  5. All media professional groups at community, regional and national level and across all platforms of journalism in Kenya and elsewhere to raise awareness of the ethical challenges and to strengthen responsible journalism.
  6. UNESCO and other UN agencies, Donors and Development Partners to contribute to a fund to support the development, sustainability and viability of community media to ensure that information remains a public good to remote and marginalised communities
  7. Technology and Internet corporates to contribute to the proposed community media



May 3rd, 2021