A popular video has been making rounds on twitter claiming that the president of the United States Donald Trump has contracted Corona virus. The video shows a split screen bearing the US white house aerial view and Fox news anchor Sandra Smith with the chyron at the bottom of screencast reading; “TRUMP TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID 19”

The video has since been termed fake and our fact check has revealed that the video was manipulated from the original version  on Fox News YouTube channel whose chyron reads, “TRUMP VALET TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID -19” which was posted on 7th May 2020

What the rumor mongers for this particular fake news did is that they deleted “VALET” from Sandra’s reportage in a bid to twist her statement to read; “White house medical team-confirming-president Trump has confirmed positive for the coronavirus”. As a result of this edit, there is a conspicuously visible jump cut that confirms manipulation resulting in a mismatch on the lip sync.

Another striking indicator is that time indicated on the left side of the screen at the beginning of the report shows 11: 28 AM Eastern Time Zone (ET). 8 Seconds later it reads 11: 27 AM (ET). The time should have still remained 11: 28 AM (ET) since it was  a live report not recorded.

A random search on twitter , facebook ,and website bear no results for the video,and no other media house in the United States has reported on the same.

A web search of the screen grab of the report via tineye shows the video had been shared a number of times on twitter and Watsapp. A user by the name It’s Hajji  had shared it on his timeline with the caption“US president Donald Trump tested positive for Covid 19”  Another user by the name Nooraine Fazal had shared it as well with the caption #trump tests positive for #coronavirus? If true,Err must be the biggest positive ever! No pun intended!! @realDonaldTrump”

An article  published by latestly indicates that the video is fake. No such statement has been released via the official press release of the White house as well. However, one of president Trumps valet was confirmed to have contracted  the virus. This Fact check has been done by KCOMNET.