There is a purported CNN screenshot currently circulating on social media claiming that “The government of Kenya has discovered that covid-19 virus spreads faster in the dark”. To make it believable the creators of this content have used the image of popular CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer as well as the channels logo. To make it more believable, some miscreants have even shared it online as if it was aired on the CNN news channel. It has gone viral on multiple social media platforms and is been widely shared on Facebook and Whatsapp.
A quick search on Tineye and Yandex reveals that the image of this particular journalist has been used multiple times to peddle fake information across different countries.
A random search of the claim on CNN website did no bear any results. Besides this, the font used to share this information doesn’t match with the other texts or the normal font style used by the channel. A similar search on ministry of health, Kenya’s website bears no results.
Another similar screenshot titled “Constant sex kills virus” bearing the image of the same journalist has been debunked by Africa Check.
This screenshot is hereby fake and should be disregarded.