Peaceful elections lead to peaceful coexistence

Peaceful elections lead to peaceful coexistence

Media is essential in promoting democracy and the rule of law. In any democratic election, media should be in a position help people to have a comprehensive understanding of the issues of importance to the common citizen as well as the candidates. An informed...

Fake News alert~ Covid 19

Fake News alert~ Covid 19

A popular video has been making rounds on twitter claiming that the president of the United States Donald Trump has contracted Corona virus. The video shows a split screen bearing the US white house aerial view and Fox news anchor Sandra Smith with the chyron at the...

Covid 19 fact checking and awareness raising desk

Covid 19 fact checking and awareness raising desk

The Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) with the support of the Civil Peace Service of GIZ  has set up a fact-checking and awareness-raising desk during this time of coronavirus pandemic. The sole purpose of this desk is to combat incidences of misinformation and...

Ushirikiano wa vyombo vya habari na washikadau Kwa kuleta amani~Radio Mchungaji

Samburu County has been facing hostilities from neighboring counties like Turkana, West Pokot and Isiolo, despite the fact Samburu hosts Turkana community and Pokots as one of their inhabitants. This has since left areas along the borders without schools and other...

World Radio day 2020~Radio Rameny

Radio Rameny has chosen to deal with the way radio, in general, has helped in the promotion of girl child education along the lake region. For the last 20 years, more and more girls have been encouraged to study and not only by getting basic education but also higher...

Ndimi zetu urembo na umoja wetu~Jangwani FM

At Radio Jangwani 106.3fm, Marsabit, we would like to share our won contribution as a radio towards the achievement of cultural diversity amongst our people in Marsabit and the neighboring counties like Samburu.  At Jangwani we broadcast in different dialects...

Umoja wetu,nguvu yetu~ Ruben fm

Umoja wetu nguvu yetu is a unique feature story that targets many Kenyans more so the Ruben FM fans since this feature story is going to push positivity amongst members of the community thus enhancing peaceful co-existence among Mukuru residents. The story will...

Umuhimu wa radio (World Radio Day 2020)~Radio Shahidi

Tangu kuanzishwa kwake Radio imekuwa kifaa mahususi cha kufikia jamii. Radio kama mbinu ya mawasiliano imeweza kuvuka mipaka ya kikabila na kufikia wote bila kubagua. Hili limerahisishwa zaidi na vituo vya radio vinavyomilikiwa au kuendeshwa na jamii.

Radio and diversity~Radio Waumini

Radio at the global level remains the most widely consumed medium and as the catholic radio for all we strive to use this platform as an arena for all voices to speak out, be heard and also air issues facing the society. Kenya joined the rest of the world Thursday the...

Jinamizi la ukeketaji~World Radio Day 2020

This feature highlights the plight of the Female Genital Mutilation victims and the unwavering efforts made by one individual to change the attitude, perceptions and the archaic illegal tradition that has been rooted in the society. It is aimed at creating awareness...

“This can happen to anyone of us” Somali version (Episode 6-10)

“This can happen to anyone of us” Somali version (Episode 6-10)

“This can happen to anyone of us” Somali version (Episode 1-5)

“This can happen to anyone of us” Somali version (Episode 1-5)

Episode 10 – Integration

Integration has been an issue between internally displaced persons and the host communities. The displaced persons have experienced trauma, hostilities regarding resettlement issues and lack of compensation among other issues.

Episode 9 – Good leadership

It is in the afternoon and Makwetu people have gathered at Makwetu grounds. The chief is ready to address the audience.He has gathered all the duty bearers in different sectors to try and address diverse issues that affect  the IDPs in Makwetu village.

Episode 8 – Trauma

Time has passed since Kadogo and grandma had been displaced, life in Makwetu has been so challenging for Kadogo, her grandma and all people who moved in. Depression is gradually creeping in…..

Episode 7 – Bad Leadership

Various issues have been raised in Makwetu village  over a period of time. There has been frustrations raised by gap in the leadership and it is reaching the boiling point.The local leaders are not in support of the IDPs resettling at Makwetu village.They have typical...