Kenya Community Media Network together with our Community radios and invited partners  will be commemorating World Press Freedom Day at Desmond Tutu Conference Center.The one day event will involve activities such as: plenary discussions on the theme of the year: “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation” a revisit of the 2017 declaration that was signed by 40 community radios on “Engagement for Truth,Fairness,Ethics and Integrity” and later on work in groups on different questions that will give us more insight on Media for Democracy .The questions will include:

  • How can professional journalism play a more visible and distinctive role, and compete with emotive content, disinformation and private messaging?
  • What are the risks of new technologies for journalism, and are there ways the media could harness these tools for improved reporting?
  • What can be done to counter rhetorical and physical attacks on journalists?
  • What can journalists and fact-checking initiatives do in order to counter disinformation and uphold fact-based political debate?
  • How can media professionals and cultural actors work together to raise awareness of their work to enable citizens to make informed decisions and to address the challenges that restrict their rights to freedom of expression, artistic freedom and creative expression?